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A few words

Since 1998 we have been supplying fasteners to some of the most respected companies in the Aircraft and Aerospace industries, the Racing and Motorsports industries, as well as other specialized commercial and industrial organizations.

Customers understand that we are not just a supplier, but a valued asset to their mechanics and engineering teams with our unparalleled technical expertise.

Fasteners can be ultra-critical components and knowing what we know allows us to be confident in the solutions we both advise and provide to our customers.

Quality Fasteners - On Time

Our stocking programs are dynamically developed to suit customer trends and are constantly forecasting for in house inventory to last for at least a year out minimum.

We react very quickly to customer product demands and move immediately to secure inventory to be able to supply customer requirements for the long term directly from in house stock.

Our vast and diverse programs also allow for Engineers, Mechanics, and R&D teams to have access to to one-off fastener sizes in a time-now fashion.

Providing Reliable Fasteners

It really is as simple as that.

Not only are we knowledgeable about what we sell - we are knowledgeable about what we do. We can provide all the accolades that other companies do by default, but we provide actual results time and time again.

Fit and Finish with NEA.

Our General Business principles

The time-tested principals of honor and integrity are certainly not lost on us.

We fully stand behind our products and our responsibility to our customers. In the event of any issues we work immediately to to provide customer satisfaction and we are proud of the reputation we have for timely corrective action and absolutely minimizing customer down time.

Relying on old-fashioned methods of doing business has served us and our customers quite well for almost 25 years.

Modern Equipment

Extensive Quality-Control equipment and drawing libraries. State of the art labelling and packaging systems. Extensive IT infrastructure.

Qualified Staff

Our sales people are more than order takers. If you don't have a part number, we can still assist you. Please contact our technical sales team for any questions on product application or development.

Best Solutions

Working together with you is our main goal. We want to achieve your trust and repeat business through expertise, pricing, and delivery.

Our history 1998-2021

Establishment of NEA

With a void forming as the pioneers in the industry began retiring, Northeast Aerospace is incepted.

NEA is founded on the notion that customers need to be able to interact with experienced tech-savvy personnel. With fewer and fewer technical sales operations in the industry, we found a ready customer base.

Customers often require outside the box solutions and that imperative is still our hallmark.

Supplier of The Year [3X]

For the third year in a row NEA is awarded Supplier of the Year by Global Aerospace.

Partnering in a multi-year agreement with Global to supply F-16 and NATO support fasteners, systems, and components we maintained an over 99% on time delivery rate. Then we did it again... and again!

Move to New Hampshire

NEA relocates to New Hampshire to take advantage of the Manchester NH UPS, Fed-Ex, and DHL infrastructure.

With all 3 giants having major operations at or around the MHT airport we can service late-day customer shipping requirements and expedite AOG requests in ways that most other companies just simply can't - including outbound shipments on Saturdays.

Looking forward through COVID

This past year has been extremely difficult on the supply chain; major fastener manufacturers saw plant staff reductions and temporary forced closures due to State mandates, people had to make the shift to working at home and being a surrogate teacher to their children, raw materials became short and some skyrocketed in price.

Thankfully with our stocking programs almost all customer requirements were able to be serviced on time or alternative solutions were arrived at.

As things continue to improve, we are both poised to provide and thankful that things are starting to get back to normal.