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Racing & Motorsports

NEA has been supplying the majority of fasteners used in Indycar, NASCAR, Formula One, Prototypes, and many other motorsports and powersports series for decades.

We have specialized programs specifically developed in support of the Racing industry and our reputation is intimately known within this community.

Please contact us with any requirements you may have for Motorsports or Racing efforts.

Aviation & Aerospace

As a staple supplier to the the flight industry our diverse inventory caters to a wide array of customers within this field.

From proprietary specials in Boeing BACx series fasteners to Lockheed, Rockford, Air Industries, PBF, and SPS specials as well as our foundation in NAS, MS, AN, NASM series fasteners.

We also develop special programs for customers within these sectors to supply a variety of other support components.

Fabrication and R&D

These customers often contact us with a requirement rather than a part number. Our broad product knowledge allows us to assist in these situations.

We will discuss materials, strength requirements, and environmental factors to arrive at a solution that is both available and that meets their specific needs.

One of the specialties we are known for is assisting Fabby's, Engineers, and R&D staff with these types of projects.

Turbine & Powerplant

The stresses on fasteners in this industry can rival anything seen in Aerospace and Motorsports.

For over 15 years we have been supplying solutions to many manufacturers, sub-contractors, as well as Powerplants directly.

The technical support we provide to engineers for application and re-fit from commercial grade fasteners in this sector is second to none.

Specialty Application

Many Commercial and Industrial applications require Aviation grade fasteners for highly stressed or ultra-high temperature environments.

Please contact us if you are in product development or are experiencing failures with commercial grade fasteners and we will assist you with suitable solutions.